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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 16, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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then drive. across the board, they found that distracted driving increased in every state, but california drivers in general spent the 14th lowest amount of time on their foenls. >> that primarily lends to our tougher distracted driving laws in california in comparison to other states. now, we will be keeping our eyes on the road today. of course, this morning, be sure to report this. if you see anyone driving while distracted. for now, live in san jose. >> much appreciated, thanks,. right now, it's 4:30 on the dot. if you are just joining us. we are joined by weather and traffic. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. in willow glen, san jose, park avenue, up through 101 and 880, which i'll show you a live traffic camera in a second. i want to show you how this is all mosque off to the east. there the a lot of drizzle out there also, expect your morning
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to be damp. san jose at 101 and 880. you can definitely see, fought great conditions there. this is a morning thing we will talk about. we will leave the one from yesterday on just for the morning hours. once we get past the commute at 9:00, we start to see increasing sunshine and temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. we will be in the mid-50s at noon. mid-60s elsewhere. but fought quite as warm as they should be. in fact, we will suppress that and hit 80s in the neighborhoods coming up, i'll see you in a few minutes with that let's get back to sue on this wet morning. >> we have a couple problem spots, first, we got this accident near redtop. it is eastbound 80. you can see a blip of slow traffic. it's a big rig on its side. so then it's not blocking a lane, but they will probably have to get a tow truck, a big industrial-sides tow truck. so extra caution there. southbound 680 near el cantato,
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we have a crash there, so far no slowing, it is blocking a lane. we will be back in just a couple of minutes. developing this morning, firefighters declaring success after a 12-hour battle to distinguish the fire in paris. crews battled all night long to save one of the most iconic buildings in the world and the priceless artifacts housed inside, the president of france was emotional. vowing to rebuild and asking for international help. abc reporter serena marshall live with us in washington with the very latest. serena. >> reporter: jessica, the exact cause of the fire is being investigated. they believe it was related to ongoing renovations at the cathedral roh. this morning, the smoldering remains of the lady of paris as the country and the world mourns, the partial loss of the ♪er dame cathedral. the symbol of the city collapsing after a massive fire
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tore through parts of the 850-year-old cathedral yesterday. the blaze beginning in the early evening hours monday. crowds watched in horror as its spires collapses in on itself. >> my partner and i were standing on the balcony, that was the moment we started crying. we watched that spire fall down it was an iconic part of the paris skyline. >> it's a building that survived. the french revolution, the siege of paris, two world wars and nazi occupation, billowing and flames seen across the french capital. >> it's hard to watch. the ladders were not tall enough. the hoses were not strong enough. >> reporter: eight hours going, the i would being charred, an emotional m emotion alma chrone --
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emotionalal macron. covered in ash. a promise of her birth. world leaders have expressed condolences, including president trump and the president of france, emanuel macron said they will rebuild the cathedral. a french billionaire pledged $200 million you're ross towards the cause. >> so much support. all right, thank you. abc 7 news at sfo as a flight from paris arrived. many people that we spoke with i should say learned during the flight or right when they landed that the cathedral had gone up in flames. take a listen. >> someone in front of us said, i wish i have an notre dame is in fire. >> once you live there. you don't notice.
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now you know it's like gone. >> such a tragedy, i have very little to restore it. >> you can also share your thoughts and send your love to paris. you can got it through our twitter and facebook pages. an outpouring of support for a family devtatd by a hit-and-run crash. it has raised more than $343,000 for the garcia family. they were walking home from the laundromat mat when they were hit. 6-year-old angel garcia vasquez and his mother died. angel is being remembered as a happy child. >> the sweetest, brightest, most inquisitive students, he always literally always had a mile on his face. >> take a look. police are looking for this man, they believe he was driving the car that hit the family. a high school baseball team
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in villejo asking for donations after he stole from their field. coach at villejo high school says thieves stole a newly installed sound system from c.c. sabathia field and took control of a unit that runs the $80,000 scoreboard. this was the first sound system at the field since it was built. we have a link on abc 7 in the bay, oakland police will increase security. a side show involving 100 cars and a thousand people broke out at 42nd avenue and international boulevard. the crowd torched a semi truck and ac transit bus and threatened a driver at gunpoint. a sheriffs deputy was seriously injured. opd says it has already increased patrols. next weekend, it will work with law enforcement agencies to stop side shows. >> let's talk about what's going on outside.
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there is live weather to talk about. coming through the altamonte pass through livermore on 580, it is wet. as you come out of the mountains, if you do the regular commute from east to west, you are running into wet weather. temperatures very mild this morning, we start in our inland neighborhoods, low- to mid-50, everywhere else, we are pretty much the same, pacifica and santa rosa, a mild start. here's a look at the richmond san rafael bridge. you can see, even if it's fought raining where your commute takes you this morning, there is a likelihood you will run into wet weather, a little moisture out on the ferry, again, during the morning, here's a look at the north bay 47 at 7:00, a little drizzle, 63 by noon. 66 in the afternoon hours, let's take a look at the east bay, from 51 at 7:00 to low- to
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mid-60s. our last stop will be san francisco, we start 51 this morning, be in the upper 50s to near 60 with a little more sunshine this afternoon. i came in from the east bay, had rain and drizzle. what did you experience? >> a little wet roads, it rained overnight. nothing on the windshield. >> really? i didn't use it almost the whole way. >> it must have come from us to you. >> thanks. taking a look. mike was mentioning, we bought the green dots on the maps, not the sensors, those are potential for wet roads, so we will use extra caution there. westbound 80 near red top, overturned big rig on its side. it's not blocking a lane, they will have to get that big tow truck over there to write it up. southbound 680 near el cantato, they are movering to get the big rig out of there as far as the accident. on marina street, we had a couple passengers out on the side of the roadway after this
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crash. so heads up there, it is blocking a lane of traffic as well. >> much appreciated, thank you. well, the warriors made history last night. not in a good way. >> nope. the clippers stunned the war years, coming -- warriors, overcoming that lead is the biggest post-season comeback in nba history. on top of the loss, the warriors are concerned that demarcus cousins has suffered a torn quad. he was injured in the first quarter and will undergo an mri today. the head coach says the warriors lost their defensive edge in the second half. >> when i said we stopped playing, we stopped playing. like defence, offense, execution wise. we were not as engaged as we needed to be. we got exactly what we deserve. >> the series is tied at one game apiece. game three is set for thursday at staples center. game four is set for sunday
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right here on nbc 7. just ahead, pete buttigieg has a secret, he and his family may not alone. san francisco, get ready, a
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at least around here. a little wet. we got snow until 7:00. another inch or two on the western slope at 11:00 this morning. as we head into the afternoon hours, you see low 70s, more showers around san diego and los angeles, mid-60s there. your 7-day forecast for tahoe, 47 today. look at the mid-60s by thursday and friday. >> mike. thank you. measles is surging and is on pace to set a record in most cases for 25 years. doctors reporting 92 new cases in the last week. 555 people have been affected with the measles virus so far this year. federal health officials warn the disease is not slowing down. 20 states report cases including here in california, the worst outbreak is in new york. new this morning, democratic presidential hopeful pete buttigieg says he and his husband are planning to have a child. >> the mayor revealed their plan at a rally in brooklyn yesterday when someone asked him his views
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on paid family leave. he says he supports paid parental leave and quote we're hoping to have a little one soon so i have a personal stake in this one, too. the mayor officially launched his campaign last weekend. sfmta will consider doubling the number of scooters on streets. scoot and skip offer discounted payment programs for low figure customers and few people have signed up for them. the examiner reports only 68 customers have signed up to ride with scoot and 78 with skip. tens of thousands of people use escooters in the city. a survey found a majority of them are wealthy white men. building a better bay area sometimes involves revealing services available to the city. in the south bay, county leaders want to reshape support services for survivors of sex assault and abuse crimes. san diego held a hearing to talk
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about solutions, research and evaluation of community services. all of this comes after the board of supervisors announced last year, it would set aside $5 million towards domestic violence programs. still some victims remain skeptical. >> i don't think much will be done right away. maybe somebody in a higher position has to have something happen to them. then it changes. it's the only way it changes. >> the county says it wants to create more environments for people to come forward with their story a major focus for building a better bay series is transportation and infrastructure. two.5 million dollars in new state fund willing help upgrade some of san francisco's most used roads. the work will involve repaving 150 blocks of road and reconstructing curb ramps. work is scheduled to start this summer. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can join them by joining our
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better bay area facebook group. we hope to get lots of ideas from you our viewers. please to that. >> yeah. just a quarter to 5:00. things are warming up out there? >> you can see the left over wetness from the richmond san rafael bridge. as we head throughout the day, they become dry and brighter. you will definitely need the sunglasses this afternoon. above average warmth, say wednesday into thursday, holding on to friday and a cooler weekend is on the way. so here's a look at the big picture. let me overlay the clouds. you can see it's very grey everywhere. that's why i think when the steadiest of the rain moves on, you have a chance of drizzle through 8:00 or 9:00. here's a look at future radar. most of the radar returns over along the high country to the south of us and look at the
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grey, kind of hang around, through noon and then during the afternoon hours, the grey or the clouds fade away. they won't completely fade away. they will fade away, it will be brighter. overnight they completely go away. that's why temperatures will be cooler tomorrow, after being in the mid- to upper-60s inland, we will be back in the 40s tonight. look at the 80s for thursday and friday. we've got an offshore breeze and cooler for saturday for hunting easter beggs. sue. >> we have it snowing at the higher elevations. we have an overturned the big rig westbound 80 near red top not blocking a lane, when they get that industrial tow truck on the scene, they will have to block a lane there. so heads up. southbound 680 near el cantato, you see a little traffic there. the accident has been cleared out of lanes, but some looky
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lous there. a car and a big rig got into it. i'm not seeing a lot of slow traffic. we'll get details on this one for you the when we come back in a few minutes. >> sue, thank you. at&t is selling its stake in huh will you as the streaming service gains users. >> uk wants to ban likes for anyone under the age of 18. here's a look another tech bytes. >> at&t is cutting ties with huh will you. >> they sold all of its shares back for $1.4 billion. it puts huh will you's value at 15 billion. one person wants to ban the thumbs up feature for anyone under the age of 18 in the uk and hope to keep teenagers from being on the site too long. prince harry, who recently said social media was more addictive than drugs and alcohol. a new social media campaign
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has fans of one iconic easter treat popping for joy. >> we will flash freeze the famous peanut butter eggs, to promote a give away months after they stop selling them in stores. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a good day. if you are still making plans this weekend, how about a national park? we'll tell you how you can get in for free. >> plus a dramatic rescue on the peninsula, what a woman was forced to do after losing her glasses on a hike, and crews clean up after a popular park is vandalized by symbols of hate. abc's new brand localish show story es in a weekly digital series called more in common. this week, zoefr discover a workplace that helps people with autism. >> i start work at least an hour before work. >> why are you so excited? >> i'm a passionate vehicle.
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>> i see him in his car, all right, are you there, the lights are off, you can turn the lights off. he wants to go. as an employer, who wouldn't want ten of them in. >> i have hard eye contacts, i can't look directly at you. >> you made a number of friends there? >> hello. >> i made quite a few guys i can relate to on ways i can't with my other friends. can you beat that stigma, oh, someone with a disability might not be as good. but we produce a product that is not as good but is better. >> it becomes a badge of honor. >> you show people with disabilities are do when
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. all right, welcome back. we're still tracking some of that wet weather moving through the east bay and the south bay. radar returns are now starting to move up into the east bay hills in the diablo range. they left a couple-hundreths of an inch behind, which means our earliest commuters will be driving on slick streets the next couple of hours. no more rain in the forecast. we fought some baseball to talk about in a few minutes. >> san francisco police are trying to find vandals who painted a swastika in a park. the crews were painting over the hate symbols. they were found yesterday morning in about a dozen areas. one person who lives near the park says they took it
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personally. >> my grandfather was at a work camp. she was at auschwitz. she saw her mom and brother walk to the gas chambers. it's horrific to see int somebody that symbolizes something like this. >> there is at least one under surveillance camera. but it's unclear if it captured the vandal. a hiker is doing just fine this morning after getting lost in the san mateo hills. they rescued a team air lifting her to safety yesterday. the sath-year-old woman lost her glasses on sunday. for hours, she wauld crawled on her hands and knees trying to climb back to safety. the battery also died. researchers finally found her and sent a chopper in to get her out. authorities say she just had some minor scrapes. mark april 20th on your calendar, this year it's the
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kickoff day for national park week. parks across the country are hosting special programs and events. all entrance fees will be waived on saturday. there are 58 national parks in the u.s., nine are in california. including yosemite, channel islands and death valley. all right, here's a beautiful look at san francisco from the exploratoryium. where we had a hundreth of an inch of rain. the wheat pollen low, moderate, molds low. sycamore, main pollens or allergens today. all right, here's to the hottest team in all of baseball comes in to take on the as at the coliseum. the game will start with partly cloudy conditions at 60 and at 55. sue. >> we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge. we having atist with a tow truck on scene and a car with his emergency flashers on. but the traffic is getting by
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without any delay there that's the better news, we'll take a look outside at our traffic maps, we had a big rig on its side, west 80 near redtop. they're waiting for a tow truck to get that out of lanes, we had an earlier accident near danville, that has been cleared. a little residual slowing past the scene. a lot of activity 880 near marina, we had a couple lanes blocked with a big rig there as well. >> sue, this next story will have you shaking your head. look at this it's a speeding ticket issued by the marin chp friday night. an officer says he noticed a car driving erratically on highway 101. the driver was cited for driving 80 miles an hour and tailgating. sunday night the exact same officer spotted the car doing 91 miles per hour. it was the same car and the same driver in the same location. chp says some people just don't
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learn, dion. >> you can't even make this stuff up. next at 5:00 a.m. we are live with the very latest from paris on that huge fire from notre dame cathedral. we will be seeing the headlines this morning. two big changes san francisco is now suggesting when it comes to the proposed navigation center. tracking your amazon packages, the new way the company is keeping commerce updated. taking a live look outside as we head to break. you see there, the golden gate bridge. a little foggy out there. definitely some precipitation, mike nico said keeping
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a live look right now at paris' iconic notre dame cathedral, officials assess the massive fire. now questions about what's next for the nearly 900-year-old building. good morning to you. it's tuesday, april 16ing. >> a reminder, you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweath- it's -- accuweather forecast. we have drizzle through 8:30 or 9:00. we will get


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